The Bucket

here is my latest work. right now it is my favorite one so far

The Bucket 

what was the thing,

that id say i do

i just feel like talking to you,

with your eyes shineing birght,

my hair growing long,

we be a-touching ,


all night long,

 is this what,

you had in mind,

just laying around,

getting stoned all the time?

it musta seemed to me,

that you had big plans,

oh everyone know that i hate your dad,

your feeling lazy,

im getting drunk ,

can i come over,

i wanna feel your butt,

everything i said,

aint what i mean,

why dont you wanna keep talking to me,

i had a dream,

bout you last night,

one hit from the bucket,

and your in my mind,

kissin and touching,

and a bang bang bang,

all out of time,

but we cant wait,

i love you like i love booze,

ill just keep drinking,

with you,

ill never loose,

i got somthing in side my head,

lets figure out,

inside your bed,

youll never be happy,

but youll never be sad,

confuse the hell out of me,

ok get mad,

everyone says that im a drunk,

they all still scream your so fucking dumb,

we get along oh so well,

together for ever,

fuck the world to tell,

you are my girl,

in a crazy world,

ill hit the bucket,

you hit the curls,

lets wait till morning,

lets wait till for good,

all the other ones,

just take off your shirts,

ill keep danceing,

in my funky ass ways,

you wont slow down,

who can complain

im little creep,

and your a slut,

lets get silly,

lets get fucked,

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it feels good to see ONE person has read my blog. ive been busy latly with a new project for my writing, i should be done “Turning something into nothing” by the end of the week but my side project is going to take awile longer. im trying knew things and im teaching myself new ways to write to. im kinda looking back on how i did once write and im mashing it with my new style. i think im nameing my side project “Lets Get Drunk”, from what i have wrote, i think its very mean and raw. alot of swearing, nothing is held back. i dont hold back alot but sometimes i filter a little bit. but not on this one.

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A Spoon Full Of Sugar

I hate the fact that we all need to find closure. ive been trying to grab any amount of closure that i can get, but so far i have none. what can you do when the person that you want to get all this closure from wont even look at you. i think she is doing this just so i keep coming to her. but really besides all these last second thoughts, i had a pretty good day, went hunting with my bro, the suns won and the knicks beat the heat.

i think im entering a writing contest tomorow, i think im going to enter one called”Spoonfull Of Sugar” saaskwatch  told me to change the title to Maple, but i dont know. i dont like writeing straight forward. its a weakness i guess. i worrie sometimes that someone i know will see it and then make this big deal about it. thats why i hate entering things under my real name. most of my work that i enter is under my real name. someday when i publish a book it will be under Kingnothin. but i guess until then im stuck entering things under my real name. this one will be my 3rd contest that i have entered. i hope i do win at least 2 out of 3. but you never know, my writing is still not at my best yet. im trying and trying but i think im still falling short. or maybe im wronge. i know i set too high standers for myself but time will tell.

i dont think that a 17 year old should be having heart pains, latly they are getting more painful and i dont know why. im starting to find my self very  uncomfortable all the time. i think that it i just might be uneasy. its been a while sicne ive got a good night sleep, or even hooked up with a girl or anything. the only times i feel at peace is when im getting drunk, when im hungover and right after i wrote a good poem. i know it sounds stupid when i say i feel at peace when im hungover but its true. that feeling crashes over me like some kind of cosmic wave thats flowing near by and i just got a splash of its power. or maybe its just the feeling of brain cells dying. who knows

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I am King Nothing

This is my first time blogging, i have never really thought about doing this untill i read my old teachers bolg(i call her saaskwatch). shes not really a teacher, shes more of a freind. she turned me into a writer. never in a 100 years did i think id be a writer. i just sent her probly the strongest poem ive ever wrote in my life, its a boil over about past love,love that should be, freinds and lonley ness.latly ive felt alone, ive feel my self becomeing more and more depressed and i dont know why. i have this feeling, it runs from the bottom of my gut to top of my eye lids. it comes and goes, i tell myself its just the rye, but as i sit at my desk, slowing drifting off to the wonders of 2 am shots by myself i cant seem to think straight. i sit here and write and write poems, none of them are the same. the all about the same thing, but they are totaly diffrent so many ways.

saaskwatch never did really undersand why i am so embarrest about writeing. no one knows that i write, a few drunk spills to some close freinds but its very underground. i think its all better this way. i love having a side to me where people dont have a clue what im thinking. its very cool. i think im going to go under the name King Nothin, ive alawys liked the way that sounded. i think it really says something about me, everyone seems to treat me like some king, and i always feel like nothing. i hope someday i grow the balls to put my real name on my work, and even my blogs. but i think im aways from that point.

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